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In The Daily Mail

We were lucky to have the awesome Hannah Betts attend our Marbella Body:Reset – here’s what she wrote:

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Middle Age & Weight Gain: How To Handle It

What makes loosing weight hard as we get older and how can we get a handle on it? We had this question recently from one of our clients, but it’s not the first time we’ve been asked it. We’re middle aged ourselves so this is something we’ve looked into, for our own goals and toRead More…

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Will A Blow Out Ruin My Progress?

This one is a really popular topic – especially over the summer in Ibiza! A little bit of sun, a dash of uplifting music, some drinks, and that one small beer turns into a mighty session… have you undone all your good work? Although the next morning it will probably feel like it – notRead More…

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Our Take On Keto In The Sun

We were thrilled to be asked for expert comment on keto by The Sun – you can read our take on it here:

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Are You Investing In You?

I’ve just completed our Q1 accounts and what leapt out at me was the amount (relatively) that Claire and I have spent on coaches, courses and learning. We have a stable business, a strong sales pipeline for our retreats, corporate clients and consulting clients. We know what we’re doing. So why are we spending onRead More…


Dealing With Fear

I was privileged to work with some fabulous clients this weekend. One common theme when we were looking at future goals was the role of fear. Some of those fears were tangible, real, justified – if you’re going to climb a mountain, then you need to prepare and things can go wrong, of course. ButRead More…