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Feedback Like This Makes Us Happy :-)

Why not join us for our next Marbella retreat in March? We only have 4 spots left (at time of writing) and the next Marbella experience after March is not until November… https://thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com/bodyreset-marbella/

Running Beach

Booster From The Future

Some potentially depressing stats knocking around in the news feed at the moment… Statistically this weekend is when people are most likely to break their resolutions… This coming Monday is also statistically the most depressing day of the year… BUT I’m here to say don’t throw in the towel. Don’t be a sheep, be aRead More…

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A Brief 38ºN History

38ºN’s journey… I’d been a fat kid, but school exercised it out of me. I played lots of sports, I had early exposure to things like circuits, weights, endurance training etc. I kept up that training. I’ve always felt better and performed better when I’ve been looking after myself. In 2011 although I was successfulRead More…


Our Prize Draw Result

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Another Award!

We are thrilled to have won another award for our work! Acquisitions International have kindly awarded us… Most Outstanding Fitness & Wellbeing Retreat – 2020 In their Global Excellence Awards 2020 Thank you AI and a massive thank you all our clients – you’re who we do it for 🙂 This year, as well asRead More…


When You Eat Matters

We all know that it matters how MUCH we eat. At the basic level we have our calories in vs calories out equation. Looking to lose weight? Eat less calories than you burn. Want to gain weight? Consume more calories than you use. We’ll say it again and again – getting calorie targets right isRead More…