Real transformations

"Their training, mindset and nutrition approach makes you focus not only on having a fit body, but even more on being a happy and healthy person."

Trusted to deliver results

With 20% of clients returning to our retreats again and again, a 98% retention rate in the Academy, and clients running our programmes over and over, people trust 38ºN to provide a memorable, results driven experience with changes to both their and physical and mental health.

Body fat reduction, increased fitness, mental clarity and energy, and training and eating in a healthy and sustainable way.

Whether you join us via one of our retreats, in our Academy, on one of our programmes, or by choosing to work with us via one-to-one coaching, we’re here for you: here to advise you, support you, empower you and help you see the greatness in you.

To us, your success is our success and nothing gives us a bigger buzz than helping you transform your body and mind.

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It’s not unusual for our clients to lose 4-5% body fat over 6 days when they’re with us, drop their metabolic age by 10 years and grow exponentially in strength. Clients generally leave us fitter, leaner and with a renewed sense of purpose towards their health . While the physical and mental results are great – this is NOT what we focus on. The real results are in how you feel.

Our mission is for you to leave us with an understanding of how to sustain your mental and physical wellbeing over the long term.

We have two options for online training and coaching. The first is our Academy which already has people ditching PTs and gym memberships in favour of working out at home or on the go with our range of workouts. Our tribe regularly join us for live workouts and rave about their results in our private facebook group.

The second option is bespoke one-to-one coaching: your personalised training and nutrition programme supported by regular check-ins. Our clients have completely transformed their bodies, minds and lives.

Designed and programmed by us based on our own training and nutrition experience, these programmes are designed to get results fast. We use a sensible nutrition approach that won’t see you starving but will see you torch fat and short but effective workouts to lean and sculpt. These really get results.

The Womens’ Ibiza Beach Body has won rave reviews from those that have done it, with clients dropping multiple dress sizes, up to 8% body fat, and reporting getting their abs back for the first time in years.

We have been changing people’s lives since 2012. We give people the space, support and tools to recharge, make sustainable change and empowered to continue on their health and wellness journey.

It’s our mission to positively improve your quality of life. You’ll gain physical endurance, boost your metabolism, increase energy levels and feel stronger in body and mind.

Access to our expert knowledge and years of experience – but most of all, our unique ability to get the best out of individuals – regardless of where they’re starting from, is what has people trusting us time and again.

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Client Praise

A boost for the mind and the body. I will definitely try to make room for Ibiza or Marbella next year. Not only was it great for the body but I came back with a much more focused mind and the confidence of achieving my goal. Claire and James are great motivators and adapt the program to your capabilities, there is a great spirit among the participants and you feel supported all the time.
Simona H, 2018, Retreat
The 4 week programme has made a huge difference to my life and my head. I feel so much more energised, healthy and happier. I have lost 8% body fat in 8 weeks, have dropped two dress sizes and haven't felt so good in a dress since my wedding. My children keep saying I look pretty!
Lysie B, Ibiza Beach Body, 2018
Book it now... I booked this trip with the aim to help with work stress and improve my health. I had high hopes for how it would go and it surpassed all of them. The guys that run this camp are knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely care about what you want to achieve. If you need a kick start to good physical and metal health just do it, don't delay book it now. I will be back for more.​
Simon W, 2018, Retreat
Since joining the Academy I have been regular HIIT sessions at home (weekly ones are streamed live from Ibiza), accessed video workouts on abs and kettebells and have had loads of questions answered - everything from stretching to hormones. It's worth pointing out I would have done of this before the Academy. Most significantly is that I've cancelled my gym membership - the Academy has rendered it useless. Claire & James are open, passionate and fun and their enthusiasm and commitment is infectious. The community is also life enhancing. It's ace.
Jo A, Academy member, 2018
From the first minute when you meet Claire & James you feel their passion for mind & body work. They are incredibly motivating and caring, it's not a bootcamp drill at all, but you find yourself pushing to your limits because you want it. I loved the holistic approach, with nutrition and goal setting workshops, exhausting HIIT trainings and relaxing Yoga sessions. I think all of us left with more power, motivation and inspiration. Thank you!! All the workout spots were just around the hotel. At the beach, in the pine forest or the garden. I felt so energized after this retreat, will do it again for sure!
Jasmin R, Retreat 2018
The Academy is an invaluable resource. I'm so glad Claire and James launched it. It's for anyone interested in heakth, fitness or wellebing. From novice to expert, there are real time at home workouts, meal plans and group discussion for all levels. The community is welcoming and supportive and Claire and James' knowledge and experyise will ensure you reach your goals. I love having the Academy in my life. You just click from anywhere on any device and away you go.
Clare N, Academy member, 2018