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We’ve been transforming lives since 2012 – be it in person at our award winning luxury retreat experiences, via our online coaching programmes and membership plans or corporate wellness schemes.

The mission is to give everyone access to the very best authentic and balanced expert advice, as well as the physical and mental tools they need to transform their life – for good.

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Most Comprehensive Holistic Lifestyle Plan Providers 2024 – SME News Business Elite Awards

Online Coaching Service Of The Year for 2024/5 – Prestige Awards

Lifestyle Coaching Service of the Year London – Prestige Awards 2024/5

Best Luxury Fitness & Wellbeing Specialist London – Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2024

Most Trusted Fitness Retreat Operators – SME News Elite Business Awards 2023

Online Coaching Services Of The Year – Prestige Awards 2023/4

Fitness & Wellbeing Specialists Of The Year – Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards 2022/23

Online Coaching Service Of The Year – Prestige Awards 2022

Transformational Coaching Winner – I Luxury Awards 2021

World’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders Making a Difference – World’s Leaders 2021

Best Luxury Fitness Retreats Provider & Nutrition Platform  – GHP Global Excellence Awards 2021

Most Innovative Holiday Provider UK – Corporate Live Wire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021

Most Outstanding Fitness & Wellbeing Retreat – Global Excellence Awards Acquisition International 2020

Worlds Top 10 Health Retreats – International Traveller Magazine 2020

Top Influential People In Fitness – Industry Wired 2019

Innovative Tour Company Of The Year England – Travel & Hospitality Awards 2019

Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence 2015 & 2018



Fitness Retreats

Award winning luxury fitness and wellbeing retreats from 3 to 6 nights in Ibiza and Marbella, plus regular London pop ups. Established in 2012 we continue to be leaders in our field.


Struggling to reach your health goals? Stuck in a rut? Want to improve the quality of your life?

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals get life changing results for the past 10 years.

Real Lives. Real Results. Real Transformations

There’s a great deal of ‘noise’ out there in the health and wellbeing sector. Much of it is all smoke and mirrors. Here’s why we’re confident in saying we’re the real deal….



“They are completely different from anyone I’ve met before… They helped me change my mindset… They are so knowledgeable, so passionate about health and fitness being a part of your life. So if that’s what you’re looking for honestly working with these guys is exactly where you need to start.”



“I just wanted to say thank you, I realise before I met you I was in denial about my fitness… The way you communicate things is motivational, inspirational, scientific, factual. It gets into the core of you because you bring love… Thank you very, very much I’m looking forward to the future.”

Alongside our Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for our 90+ 5* reviews, we’re honoured to be recommended by luxury lifestyle, international and national press. We also continue to discreetly host high profile people.

20% of clients return to our award winning retreats and we have a retention rate of 98% for our online Academy platform. We have built trust due to our honest, expert and results driven approach.

From incredible fat loss stats, to life changing lifestyle shifts – we are passionate about empowering you to live your optimum life. We see the best in you, even if you’re unable to see it yourself.

We hate the quick fix fads and money hungry companies keeping you in a viscious cycle. We give you a sustainable lifestyle plan that promotes healthy habits and balance. It gets results without compromising happiness.

We are so incredibly invested in your success. Whether you’re on a retreat, part of our membership package or doing the Ibiza Beach Body programme – we truly want to see you shine. And we know how to get you there.

We’re mid-lifers with a huge amount of life and professional experience. We believe that counts for something. What’s more we are qualified PT’s, Nutritional Advisors, Stress Management Consultants and NLP Coaches.

Client Praise

A boost for the mind and the body. I will definitely try to make room for Ibiza or Marbella next year. Not only was it great for the body but I came back with a much more focused mind and the confidence of achieving my goal. Claire and James are great motivators and adapt the program to your capabilities, there is a great spirit among the participants and you feel supported all the time.
Simona H, 2018, Retreat
The 4 week programme has made a huge difference to my life and my head. I feel so much more energised, healthy and happier. I have lost 8% body fat in 8 weeks, have dropped two dress sizes and haven't felt so good in a dress since my wedding. My children keep saying I look pretty!
Lysie B, Ibiza Beach Body, 2018
Book it now... I booked this trip with the aim to help with work stress and improve my health. I had high hopes for how it would go and it surpassed all of them. The guys that run this camp are knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely care about what you want to achieve. If you need a kick start to good physical and metal health just do it, don't delay book it now. I will be back for more.​
Simon W, 2018, Retreat
Since joining the Academy I have been regular HIIT sessions at home (weekly ones are streamed live from Ibiza), accessed video workouts on abs and kettebells and have had loads of questions answered - everything from stretching to hormones. It's worth pointing out I would have done of this before the Academy. Most significantly is that I've cancelled my gym membership - the Academy has rendered it useless. Claire & James are open, passionate and fun and their enthusiasm and commitment is infectious. The community is also life enhancing. It's ace.
Jo A, Academy member, 2018
From the first minute when you meet Claire & James you feel their passion for mind & body work. They are incredibly motivating and caring, it's not a bootcamp drill at all, but you find yourself pushing to your limits because you want it. I loved the holistic approach, with nutrition and goal setting workshops, exhausting HIIT trainings and relaxing Yoga sessions. I think all of us left with more power, motivation and inspiration. Thank you!! All the workout spots were just around the hotel. At the beach, in the pine forest or the garden. I felt so energized after this retreat, will do it again for sure!
Jasmin R, Retreat 2018
The Academy is an invaluable resource. I'm so glad Claire and James launched it. It's for anyone interested in heakth, fitness or wellebing. From novice to expert, there are real time at home workouts, meal plans and group discussion for all levels. The community is welcoming and supportive and Claire and James' knowledge and experyise will ensure you reach your goals. I love having the Academy in my life. You just click from anywhere on any device and away you go.
Clare N, Academy member, 2018
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Our Story

We’ve run one of Europe’s most successful fitness retreat companies since 2012, trained thousands of clients and received some wonderful praise.

However, we wanted to expand our reach and specifically help midlifers so we created our Midlife Mentors podcast and our Midlife Method transformational programme.

We are incredibly aware that many midlifers are living stressful lives and are struggling to live to their fullest potential – physically and mentally.

We desperately wanted to make our expert knowledge and support more accessible.

The success has been phenomenal and we have a thriving tribe of like minded people, all sharing their journey.

We were both in the corporate rat race of London for over 15 years. So we’ve experienced the stress, emptiness and unhealthy behaviour that comes with it. Doing crazy workouts and eating well was the last thing on our minds.

We can relate. And therefore know exactly what’s needed to make a lifetyle shift a reality. It’s fast, effective at home workouts that truly get results. It’s realistic meal plans that aren’t restrictive. It’s being able to have a drink or two without the guilt.

From retreats to our Midlife Method transformational programme, one to one coaching, to our corporate solutions, our method is do-able and sustainable. That’s why it’s perfect for any busy person – from execs, to mums.

We believe in our ability to transform lives and have done so time and again. We would love you to be next.

Claire & James

founders 38ºN

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Phew - busy month for Claire Davis and I!Two weeks travelling America including five days at a health summit and a talk at Soho House Beach Club - Miami Beach...Now we're off to Six Senses Ibiza to run our Midlife Mastery retreat ( before heading back to deliver another workshop for Soho House 76 Dean Street.Feeling blessed and grateful ... See MoreSee Less
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