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"Claire & James are an absolute blessing. Since meeting them I've completely transformed my life"

We’ve run one of Europe’s most successful fitness retreat companies since 2012, trained thousands of clients and received some wonderful praise.

However, we wanted to expand our reach and specifically help midlifers so we created our Midlife Mentors podcast and our Midlife Method transformational programme.

We are incredibly aware that many midlifers are living stressful lives and are struggling to live to their fullest potential – physically and mentally.

We desperately wanted to make our expert knowledge and support more accessible. The success has been phenomenal and we have a thriving tribe of like minded people, all sharing their journey.

We were both in the corporate rat race of London for over 15 years. So we’ve experienced the stress, emptiness and unhealthy behaviour that comes with it. Doing crazy workouts and eating well was the last thing on our minds.

We can relate. And therefore know exactly what’s needed to make a lifetyle shift a reality. It’s fast, effective at home workouts that truly get results. It’s realistic meal plans that aren’t restrictive. It’s being able to have a drink or two without the guilt.

From retreats to our Midlife Method transformational programme, one to one coaching, to our corporate solutions, our method is do-able and sustainable. That’s why it’s perfect for any busy person – from execs, to mums.

We believe in our ability to transform lives and have done so time and again. We would love you to be next.


And 5019 Edit

Claire previously worked in PR. In her attempt to escape her misery, she qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Business Coach, where she worked as a consultant for Microsoft. When she didn’t feel fulfilled by that, she became a stress management consultant. That didn’t completely float her boat either. Finally (after nearly losing all hope) at 33 she found her thing; empowering women to prioritise their wellbeing – physically and mentally. She qualified as a PT and Nutritional Advisor and made it her mission to help women, wherever they are on their journey, to feel strong from the inside out. This comes across in everything she does – from the retreats, to her live, (passionate) discussions on Facebook.


James Abs

James worked as a music journalist and then went into the corporate media world – after having originally got a Masters in Psychology (which he realised wasn’t for him)! When the opportunity arose for him to escape London and move to Ibiza to set up a gym – he jumped at it. And although it failed miserably, the retreats business flourished and so has his love for health and wellness. As a qualified PT, nutritional advisor, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, James brings a fresh male approach to the industry. He’s in his mid-forties, battled his own body and mind demons – but looks and feels better than he did in his twenties. Now his purpose is to lift up others so they not only believe in themselves, but thrive.