Please read our Terms and Conditions below:

All clients attending 38ºN holidays and retreats should be aware of and accept the risks involved. All clients are advised to seek medical advice from their doctor before booking.

A Par-Q form, which is emailed to the client as a link before arrival, must be completed online at least 48 hours before arrival. This is to confirm that they are physically and mentally fit to train with us. Failure to complete this form will result in the client being unable to train.

Travel Insurance covering personal accident and injury, including outdoor and adventure sports is compulsory for all clients attending our retreats.
The client confirms that they have understood that it is their responsibility to do so.

All clients confirm that they are in good mental and physical health and are unaware of any reason why they may not take part or may be likely to suffer illness or injury within the holidays and retreats. Failure to disclose any relevant health information on their Par-Q or Lifestyle Questionnaire may result in the client being withdrawn from certain activities. The client will not be entitled to any refund of payments made under this termination contract.

The client understands that the programme is entirely voluntary and that it is recommended that they have been cleared by their doctor or physician that they are fit (mentally, emotionally and physically) to attend a 38ºN holiday. The client therefore acknowledges and agrees that they have received approval and been given permission from a medical professional to participate or have decided to participate without the approval of their doctor or physician.

The client understands that the Trainers and team at 38ºN have reviewed the Par-Q and Lifestyle Questionnaire, but that they are not doctors or physicians and cannot replace the advice and expertise of a medical professional.

The client understands that they have the complete right to stop or decrease exercise at any time during a session and that it is their obligation to inform the 38ºN team of any symptoms such as fatigue, chest discomfort or shortness of breath.

The client accepts that participation in the sessions laid out on the schedule, including the use of equipment, but not exclusive to, increases heart rate and body temperature.

The client understands that exercise involves certain risks, including but not limited to, serious neck and spinal injuries resulting in complete or partial paralysis, heart attack, stroke or even death.  Also, injuries could occur to bones, joints or muscles.  Slips, falls, and unintended loss of balance could result in muscular, neurological, orthopedic or other bodily injury.  The client understands that part of the risk involved in undertaking any activity or program is relative to their own state of fitness or health (physical, mental, or emotional) and to the awareness, care and skill which the clients conducts themselves in that activity or program.

Knowing the material risks and appreciating, knowing and reasonably anticipating that other injuries are a possibility, the client hereby expressly assume all of the delineated risks of injury, all other possible risk of injury, and even risk of possible death, which could occur by reason of the client’s participation.

The 38°N team reserve the right to remove a client from the retreat if they believe their behaviour is detrimental to the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the group. The behaviour will be discussed verbally in the first instance, with the second warning being in writing. If the same behaviour is repeated a third time, we will remove the client from the retreat and they will not be entitled to any refund of payment made under this termination of contract.

By understanding and agreeing to these terms and conditions (by ticking a the box on the Par-Q form), the client waives, releases and forever discharges 38ºN from any and all responsibilities or liability for any present and future injuries or damages resulting or arising from their participation in any activities including but not limited to exercise, personal training or use of the equipment including any injuries and damages caused by the negligent act or omission of any of those persons or entities mentioned above.

Booking Policy
A 25% or 35% deposit per person is payable to confirm a booking and is non-refundable.

100% of the total Holiday cost is payable a minimum of 60 days before arrival and is none refundable once paid.

Cancellation Policy
In the event of the client cancelling their booking 60 days or less before arrival a 100% cancellation fee is payable.

We try never to cancel a confirmed booking, but reserve the right to do so. If we cancel a confirmed booking before your activity and or service we will offer the choice of a credit note, refund or another available date.

The itineraries on our website and in our brochures are illustrative and holiday/ retreat content, timings and activities may vary depending on factors including but not limited to the weather, the head trainer’s discretion and fitness/ability levels of clients. We do however endeavour to follow our itineraries as closely as possible and tailor the holiday/retreat to the clients’ needs to give the best overall experience.

Further information
38°N sets its rates with the hotels in advance to ensure the price stays the same for clients, regardless of when they book. The hotels use dynamic pricing which means the accommodation element of the package can either increase or decrease. Contractually setting our rates at a discounted price in advance with the hotels protects and reassures the client that the pricing will not change.

We look forward to welcoming you to 38ºN and sharing a great holiday with you.