Our Prize Draw Result

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Another Award!

We are thrilled to have won another award for our work! Acquisitions International have kindly awarded us… Most Outstanding Fitness & Wellbeing Retreat – 2020 In their Global Excellence Awards 2020 Thank you AI and a massive thank you all our clients – you’re who we do it for 🙂 This year, as well asRead More…


When You Eat Matters

We all know that it matters how MUCH we eat. At the basic level we have our calories in vs calories out equation. Looking to lose weight? Eat less calories than you burn. Want to gain weight? Consume more calories than you use. We’ll say it again and again – getting calorie targets right isRead More…

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Is It True?

We all have a story about who we THINK we are. Ingrained in us from childhood. Cemented by memories, previous experiences and what other people have told us. Some of it’s helpful. Some of it holds us back. For example: I’m a loyal, loving friend – helpful I’m not good at meeting new people –Read More…

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The Scary Truth About Your Festive Drinks

It’s that time of year when most food outlets have tempting selections of festive drinks to warm you up on your way to work. Sure, why not swap your usual small cappuccino for a big gingerbread latte. Tis the season to be merry and all that. Hmmm maybe not…. ‘Action on Sugar’ has compiled aRead More…


Is Quicker Always Better?

I read an interesting article the other day about a new exercise bike called Car.ol, designed to get you fit in 40 seconds using Maximum Intensity Interval Training (MIIT), sometimes also know as Sprint Interval Training (SIT). Great headline that 40 seconds is all you need… BUT, beware of the shiny fad. When you readRead More…