Is It True?

We all have a story about who we THINK we are.

Ingrained in us from childhood. Cemented by memories, previous experiences and what other people have told us.

Some of it’s helpful. Some of it holds us back.

For example:

  • I’m a loyal, loving friend – helpful
  • I’m not good at meeting new people – not so helpful
  • I know I’m great at my job – helpful
  • I’m a terrible public speaker – not so helpful
  • I’m motivated to stay healthy and exercise – helpful
  • I’ll never be able to lose weight and keep it off because I’ve always failed to do it so far – not so helpful

The key to any transformation is to be aware of what beliefs we have and safely, with support – uncover where they stem from.

When we do this we can ask this super simple yet profound question:


The pesky thing about BELIEFS is they become our reality. Our experiences.

Although we believe we’re a terrible public speaker, is it really true?

Or is it true you tell yourself this over and over, so you get anxious, begin worrying what everyone else is thinking and make the experience a living hell?

Does it make YOU a bad public speaker or does it require you think about it differently?

Identifying ourselves with a belief and thinking we’re one and the same is a dangerous thing.

It’s a belief pattern that’s entwined into your psyche so you believe it as TRUTH.

But is it…?

People all over the world achieve things that go against their original belief system.

An orphaned child, who thinks they’re unlovable becoming a multi-millionaire motivational speaker. A failing author and single mother on benefits, rejected by hundreds of agents, becoming the best selling author of the twenty first century.

Guess where their transformation started? By shifting a belief. By telling a new story. One that supported where they wanted to go and who they wanted to be.

So – the second question is WHY NOT YOU?

Why can’t you achieve your own version of impossible by shifting what you believe about yourself?

ONLY YOU get to say what is true.

More than any action in the world – THIS is the mindset shift you have to work on, in order to experience something different.

It’s why it’s a key part of our work when we coach clients.

Because if you come to us wanting to be healthier, fitter, more energised, with greater self confidence – you need to believe it’s possible and begin telling a new story.

Over the years, we’ve had the honour of helping many wonderful people transform their lives. You can read about some of their experiences HERE and HERE .

If you’re wondering how we can help you make lasting change, please reach out to us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.