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Easy Green Pick Up Smoothie

I recently came of a delayed flight to Ibiza, absolutely starving, and to be honest feeling a bit washed out by the travel. Rather than prepare a snack I whipped up this super filling smoothie that had me feeling great in no time! Into the blender went half an avocado, a very big handful ofRead More…

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Why You Should Focus More On Your Dreams Than Your Fears

In life, there’s only one thing you can rely on. And that’s you. It’s really impossible for others to guess the real magnificence of what you can dream up, so whatever you are hoping for from others will never be deeply satisfying. In the end, to be truly fulfilled it’s about connecting to yourself, yourRead More…


Pancake Day!

Pancakes With A Healthy 38ºN Twist It’s that time of year for gorging on pancakes, but how about a healthier option? We like to fry up our pancakes with a 38ºN twist. Three large eggs, around 120g buckwheat flour, almond milk, couple of table spoons of desiccated coconut, pinch of Himalayan rock salt and aRead More…


Carnival Time: Get Your Brazilian Butt

If it’s early February that can only mean two things: Valentine’s Day and Carnival! Traditionally a time to let your hair down and go wild before the restrictions of Lent, Carnival is celebrated in many places around the world, and of course, the most famous is the Rio Carnival – a sequinned, feathered celebration ofRead More…

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Top 10 Fitness Trends To Look Out For In 2016

Bio Science Medical tests that would previously require a Dr.’s visit are now becoming accessible to us at home, and where bio-science intersects with technology, we’re starting to see consumer facing dashboards that put wellness into our own hands. New blood test programmes like LiveSmart and wellnessfx keep us informed of our health on anRead More…

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5 Questions To Start Living The Life You Love Right Now