The Story

38°N was conceptualised while we were taking time out from our fast paced corporate lives and travelling the globe. Whilst sporty and health conscious in our everyday lives, we realised that by physically removing ourselves from our ‘normal’ environment and training in nature as much as possible, we were better placed to reconnect with our bodies, explore innovative therapies and see the benefits more quickly – even in a relatively short space of time.

We wanted to share these experiences and also live a life that was more in-tune with our desires. So, our health venture of 38°N was born on the island of Ibiza (coordinates 38° 58′N/ 1° 32′W). We now couple our passion for fitness with our love of adventure.

We team luxury accommodation and outdoor training with structured fitness systems that get results. We firmly believe that connecting with your body through exercise should be fun, effective and easily integrated into your everyday life. Our aim is not just to take you through the physical motions of exercise, but educate and inform you on training, nutrition and how your mindset will maintain success. That’s why the team consider themselves more than trainers: we’re coaches, enabling you to get the best from life. After training hundreds of clients, we know that these three factors that are key to enabling ongoing wellness and allowing you to live the healthy happy life you deserve.

We offer more than simply a fitness holiday. We provide the environment, knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to help you create positive lasting change. It’s this ethos that drives us – nothing gives us a bigger buzz than a beaming client thanking us for the results they’ve achieved, and telling us how great they feel inside and out.

That’s resulted in our retreats collecting accolades and recommendations from (among others) Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, Tatler, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, Mens Fitness, Womens Health and more.

We work with a passionate, talented team of mind and body professionals who walk their talk and are huge advocates of 38°N . We love what we do – which makes us 100% committed to giving you a first class experience and a supportive environment in which to exceed your own limitations.

Remember….Life’s an adventure, Live it.


38ºN: The Personal Story…

Heading the team up is founder James and partner Claire. Been there, done that. That pretty much sums it up. We’ve been you, we’ve slogged in the rat race trading time for money, fretting that we’re not getting any farther ahead. We’ve punched that alarm at 5:30am in the dark to squeeze in that workout before hitting the work desk like a zombie.

We’ve bloated, we’ve starved ourselves, we’ve trained stupidly, we’ve drowned our sorrows at the weekend and kidded ourselves that it’s all worth it. Then we changed.

We’re not a couple of twenty something bloggers who could pretty much eat anything and still look good dishing out advice from behind a keyboard when we’ve never slogged in the daily grind – we’re anything but – we are you!

We’ve lived it, tried it, done it, and what you have is a couple in their mid-life learning how to train effectively, eat well, have fun and live life to the fullest.

Both qualified Personal Trainers and Nutrition Advisors, Claire and James split their time between Ibiza, London and Haslemere in Surrey. Having trained hundreds of clients, including celebrities, their retreats have been recommended by the likes of Tatler, Conde Nast Traveller, Men’s Health, The Sunday Times and more.

They also both have a background in psychology and merit their success to understanding the complexities of motivation, habit change and building confidence in order to achieve sustainable results.

Claire worked for years across personal and corporate coaching, alongside a successful PR career. She scaled dizzy heights, and from the outside she had it all: her own London home, a perfect marriage, a dazzling career, designer handbags, luxury holidays. Yet despite it all, she wasn’t happy. At thirty five she turned her back on it all to start again at the bottom and embrace a career in Personal Training, as exercise was the one thing that made her feel alive, that put a smile on her face, that empowered her.

James slogged away to secure himself a Masters degree (in Applied Psychology), a MBA, and a high flying career jetting around Europe in a variety of digital media business development roles. But something was missing, and so it was in 2011 he found himself running a gym in Ibiza.

James went on to found Ibiza’s first luxury fitness retreat company 38ºN, featured regularly in the world’s best press, and in 2016 Claire joined him. A rare meeting of not just minds and hearts, but of reuniting of old souls.

Surely the only couple to be hill sprinting on a Saturday morning Ibiza, Claire and James have found a common purpose in life – training and empowering people to be their best without compromising on the aspects of life they enjoy.

Train hard. Play hard. We’ll be smashing reps in the gym together on a Saturday morning, and dancing under the moon on a beach Saturday night. Life is about a joyous balance and despite what you may believe, you can look great, feel great and still have the time of your life, all it takes is the knowledge to know how. Guess what, we have it, and we’re proud to share it.

We believe a strong body = a strong mind.  Countless times over the past five years we’ve witnessed our 360 approach to health and wellbeing change people’s lives.

Our philosophy? Balancing a healthy body and mind with a life you love.