We recognise that having ‘Rules of Engagement’ may sound a little militant, but we value your investment and the investment of our trainers, instructors and hotel staff.

Your ‘vibe attracts your tribe’ as they say and we want to ensure you know how we operate and our philosophy, before you reach our shores!

We take everyone’s journey very personally and want you to have the best possible time with us – to truly transform your body and mind and leave us feeling rebalanced, motivated and confident.

Our experience tells us that the below points will ensure you achieve your goals. It will also empower you to make fitness and health a part of your lifestyle – not just a fad, or a moment in time, but for the long term.

Please arrive on time for sessions and in the right location! Arriving late really does impinge the experience for the group – as the trainer will need to re-explain everything to ensure correct form and avoid injury. You will receive a printed schedule on arrival and if anything changes, you will be informed in plenty of time.

We are not a bootcamp, so if you would like to sit out a session, that is absolutely fine. It’s a ‘holiday’ as well as a fitness retreat. You just need to let the trainer know in advance and not arrive half way through a session!

We have been running retreats for over five years and trained thousands of clients, celebrities and journalists. We have created a program and experience that gets results and literally transforms the body and mind. However, unless you are willing to accept that what you put into the retreat will affect the results you get out at the end – 38°N is not for you. We are all about balance and if you want to miss sessions, have a few cheat meals and drink wine in the evenings, we completely support you (and can recommend the best places to visit!) But ensuring you acknowledge the consequences of this approach (i.e – the results will be less than if you ate clean, had no alcohol and came to each training session) – is the only thing we feel strongly about.

We run from a hotel format – not a villa format. This is because our clients like freedom. They do not want to be hand held every moment of the day or have no opportunity to be alone.  We are there to train and support you through your sessions and workshops and aim to deliver the best possible experience in partnership with the hotels. We leave you to enjoy breakfast and lunch at your leisure (please read the meals section below) and your evenings are free to do with what you will.

In Ibiza (and a majority of our other locations) all training takes place outdoors, as we want to make the most of being in nature – in the woods for shade, on the beach (at ME Ibiza and Marbella), from a lookout point for stunning views and by the sea on grass for Yoga or Pilates. It can sometimes be very hot, so we recommend drinking plenty of water, bringing a hat and applying plenty of suncream. At other locations, sometimes we train clients in a studio if space is available. If you’re not happy training in the heat and/or dust/sand (which can sometimes get a little dirty), then this probably isn’t for you. We recommend you bring two sets of trainers if you don’t want to ruin a special pair! We also recommend you bring mosquito spray as very, very infrequently, they like to nibble at you – as in any hot and humid environment!

A healthy lunch menu is set in advance and includes starters and a choice of two or three mains. Dessert is often fruit. We ask for any allergies or intolerances in advance on your Lifestyle Questionnaire – which is then relayed to the kitchen staff. However – you are in a hotel environment and we ask clients to reiterate their allergies/ intolerances to the waiting staff to ensure they are accommodated for. The kitchen staff will need to be reminded and you can choose alternatives – just chat to the staff who will be happy to amend a dish to make it suitable. The lunches are however created and designed by us – given our understanding of nutrition and a balanced diet.

We work in partnership with the hotels and are not responsible for cooking or preparing food. If there is a problem at any time, please speak to the hotel and notify us as soon as possible so we have an opportunity to work with the hotel to rectify any issues.

Please arrive at lunch together as a group at the time set out in the schedule. This is to avoid confusion and delays in delivering the courses. Delays will push back the schedule and our trainers may have to cut sessions short.

Having said the above, nothing is always 100% perfect and we accept and acknowledge that lunches may sometimes over-run (we cannot always control a hotel kitchen!) As long as this is not due to late arrivals of the group, our trainers will always accommodate some sessions starting late.

Now onto breakfast and dinner. You have a nutrition talk right at the beginning of your retreat. Anna will give you an understanding of the best way to nurture you body via food, drink and supplements. Claire, James and Rob also have a very good understanding of nutrition and what to eat at various times of the day for maximum energy and recovery – please just ask what we suggest are good meals and when to eat them!

And finally! Come bringing a can do attitude, a smile and a willingness to learn new things. Soak up the amazing location, have a glass of wine if you want and reset and recharge.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Claire, James, Rob and the rest of the 38°N Team