What’s The Difference Between Your Various Retreats?

What’s The Difference Between Your Various Retreats?

We get asked this a lot so we thought it would be useful to produce this little guide.

First up, we thought we’d explain our overriding philosophy across all our retreats, then talk about each one and how the experiences differ.

Our philosophy is about empowering you with the tools and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you get home.

We’re about:

  • Coaching you in different short HIIT methodologies to apply back home
  • Understanding nutritional basics for sensible and sustainable healthy eating for life
  • Introducing you to resistance training concepts
  • Having fun and getting your body and mind working with multiple types of workouts and training during the retreat
  • Connecting mind and body by working on the most important “muscle” the mind and establishing tools for good habits and motivation
  • Giving you access to continued training support post-retreat
  • Living life with a healthy balance – so yes, you can drink on our retreats and we have healthy food options and none healthy food options – you are in control of what you eat – not us

We’re NOT about:

  • fads – be it diets, training, supplements or anything else
  • rapid weight loss – come to us and you’ll learn why this is one of the worst things to do
  • restricting your diet
  • competing with others (you’re on your own journey)
  • pseudo-science approaches to anything
  • training huge groups with one instructor

So, what can you expect on our retreats? Well the above gives you a good idea, but basically lots of different training types, plenty of training and workouts (typically 5 to 6 sessions a day including workshops). Coaching you in why we’re training in a certain way. A solid nutritional and mindset approach, plenty of support from us and all delivered in a hotel environment.

This last point is important – unlike the villa model, you have your own space to retreat to, all the amenities of the hotel and you’re free to go out in the evenings – if you have the energy!

So, how are the retreats different? Well the most obvious one is length. Our long weekends are very popular as they require minimum time off work and we fit a lot in. A lot. Clients use these as a reset, and some come 2 times a year to touch base.

Our 6 night retreats allow us to fit more in, but with a slightly lower volume day to day and a rest half day.

The other differences are essentially the accommodation level and our time with you.

At our Body:Reset Ibiza we’re based from the 4 star Sol Beach House, which is a lovely hotel, set overlooking the sea, with multiple pools, a small gym and plenty of different outdoor training areas. The food is good, but mass catered (with healthy options and veggie and vegan).

On these retreats we’ll be with you for the majority of training sessions, but we don’t eat with you. So we’re with you professionally, but not so much socially. We also take groups up to 16, but with both of us there for most sessions that’s still a 1:8 ratio, meaning we can safely monitor you all.
We have this option as we want a more affordable price point to make our experiences more accessible than having purely 5 star options.

At our Total:Reset retreat we’re in the 5 star Aguas de Ibiza, with it’s own luxury spa (you’ve got access) and high quality food. We’re with you for all the sessions, we don’t eat with you BUT we do have a final night dinner with you. Again we work with 16 clients maximum.

Finally, our Body:Reset Marbella is at the stunning 5 star Puente Romano. This is our most intimate retreat. The hotel is luxurious in stunning grounds, there’s a great gym, the food is outstanding. On this one we are with you from sunrise right through to the final session of the day, so you get breakfasts and lunches with us (evenings are free). We cap this at 8 clients maximum, so we really get to know you.

We hope that helps, in the end it will depend on your individual requirements and what you’re looking for in a fitness retreat. We’d love to see you at any one of these.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.