The 38ºN Academy

James & Claire of 38ºN invite you to join their exciting new online membership platform – the 38ºN Academy.

The Mission:

To provide stressed out, time poor individuals authentic, real and balanced expert advice – as well as simple ways to achieve sustainable wellness from the inside out.

We’re mid-lifers back-lashing against the fake, faddy, quick fix health and fitness crazes – backed by unqualified Instagram and Reality TV stars – funded by money hungry companies. They’re designed to get you stuck in an endless cycle of comparison and failure.

More than ever, life is overwhelming and hectic. But what we do have control over is prioritising our mental and physical wellness. The fuel we put in our body, how we move it and the thoughts we think that reflect who we want to become.

When you join us, you can expect to:
– Finally find out how to look better naked by doing less and stressing less (we are deadly serious here!)
– No longer starve yourself or yo yo diet
– Learn and develop new habits that before you’ve struggled to implement
– Manage your stress more effectively and release guilt
– Become more confident, powerful and exciting to be around
– Have more energy and look and feel healthier
– Be supported by and accountable to like-minded people in the Academy Community– who inspire you to take responsibility and get yourself unstuck

The Academy is already making a huge impact:

“An absolute game changer.” Lou

“Love the live workouts. You guys are an inspiration” Clare

So sign up now and be part of something incredible…

The Academy is free for 5 days so you can check it out. It’s a chance to dip your toe in to see if it’s for you. After that it’s $37 (approximately £27) every month – which is:

– Less than a £1 a day
– Less than a coffee a day
– Less than your average 1 hour PT session
– Less than the gym membership you hardly use

All you have to do is click here to go through to the 38ºN Academy. We’ll see you there!