Online Coaching Packages

our 6 week online coaching packages

If you want results then you’re in the right place. We’ve trained thousands of clients over many years and know all the best ways to get the results you crave….

effective results driven training

Take the guess work out of your training by having a programme personalised to your goals. We’ve trained thousands of clients so we know what works and we’re all about fast yet effective workouts for the time-poor. No need for a PT, we are your PT.

accountability & Support

We’re with you. We’ll explore your goals and lifestyle to generate your programme, then you’ll have check-ins via phone or Skype, a private facebook group and messenger support from us, plus access to the Academy with all it’s videos, info, tutorials and workouts.

achieve your goals

6 weeks from now your body and mind could be transformed: new exciting ways of training that yield results, nutritional tweaks, our hacks and tips to fast-track you to your goals. If you opt for the £399 or £599 package you also have a personalised nutritional plan with recipes tailored to you.

What Our Customers say

Claire and James are an absolute blessing. Their passion is infectious and since joining them, not only my body but my mind has changed. I cannot recommend the Academy and James and Claire enough. They're always there for you to offer support, guidance and motivation.

Teressa L

Just to say that your circuits are absolute killers but by Christ they work! I can see and feel a difference already. Thanks mate, this is making me feel great.

Dan R

James and Claire had a great attitude to health and wellness, focusing on balance and sustainable health rather than quick fixes and restriction. They are also full of enthusiasm and have really helped motivate me to focus on goals in the medium and longer term.

Maddy P

Fast forward your results

Training tailored to you, your lifestyle, your goals. With years of experience and thousands of clients we know how to get you to where you want to be fast.

Be supported

We know doing it on your own isn't easy. That's why you not only get consultations and check-ins with us, but messenger support and access to our amazing, motivating private facebook group full of like-minded people.

train smarter

Train smarter, not longer. It doesn't have to be about hours in the gym. If you're time poor, join the club, we can build fast effective workouts that will get you in and out the gym or your home workout space and still give results.

remove the guesswork

There's so much misinformation out there in the fitness world. We've spent years training, we know what works, what doesn't and how to get the best results fast.

Your very Own PT

We're with you every step of the way. Regular check-ins, messenger support, and access to the Academy which is like having us on tap via your laptop or mobile.

smash your body goals

Looking to lean out, bulk up, boost your fitness? Whatever your goals are we can help you get there quickly, safely, sensibly and effectively. No fad diets, no fad workouts, just stuff that works to get you in the shape of your life.

What you get

Your Own PT

We’re there with you. You’re supported with the private facebook group, regular check-ins, messenger, and of course on the £299 and £399, the Academy with its hundreds of videos -like having us in your pocket.

Start & End Consultations

We’ll explore you training history, likes, dislikes, equipment available to you, time available, goals and mindset to set you up for success. Then check in at the end and move you to the next stage.

Skype Or Phone Check Ins

Speak to us direct and we’ll check on your progress, make any necessary tweaks, and keep you motivated towards your end goal.

Bespoke Training Programme

You’re an individual so to get the best results we’ll work together to produce a training programme tailored to your goals, lifestyle, equipment and likes. 

Nutritional Support

On the basic package you’ll get nutritional guidelines that cut through the misinformation to give you actionable strategies. On the £399 and £599 packages you’ll have a nutrition plan with recipes tailored to you.

Messenger Support

We’ll set you up on messenger so that we’re only a click away from those queries and questions you’re bound to have. This means you’re supported throughout your journey.

Private Facebook Group

We’re there to support you in the group, answer questions, host live workouts and drop in our thoughts. You’ll also find like minded people happy to support your success. 

Go Anywhere Access

You’ll have your training programme PDF that you can save to your phone, links to training videos and if you’re programme includes it real time workout videos.

Academy Access

Free unlimited access to our Academy: workout videos, nutrition, recipes, mindset, motivation and all online and on mobile.

Choose the perfect plan

We’ve got 3 levels to suit everyone, to put it into perspective, at £399 for 6 weeks, that’s less than £67 a week for a personalised training plan, nutrition plan, recipes, consultation at start and end, check-ins every 2 weeks, Academy access, a private Facebook group and messenger support! What is there to think about – get started today and reap the benefits in just 6 weeks!


6 Weeks

  • Initial Skype or Phone Consultation
  • Bespoke Training Programme
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Mid-Point Check In
  • Messenger Support
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Free Academy Access
  • 6 Week Skype or Phone Check In
Online Coaching Level 1

6 Week Coaching Package

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6 weeks

  • Initial Skype or Phone Consultation
  • Bespoke Training Programme
  • Bespoke Nutrition & Meal Plan
  • 40 Bonus Recipes
  • Check In Every 2 Weeks
  • Messenger Support
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Free Academy Access
  • 6 Week Skype or Phone Check In
Online Coaching Level 2

6 Week Coaching Package

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  • Initial Skype or Phone Consultation
  • Bespoke Training Programme
  • Bespoke Nutrition & Meal Plan
  • 40 Bonus Recipes
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Messenger Support
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Free Academy Access
  • 6 Week Skype or Phone Check In
Online Coaching Level 3

6 Week Coaching Package

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll get a Skype or phone consultation to discuss your goals, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, time available. From there we’ll create your 6 week training programme in a PDF. If you need videos they’ll be linked in to the PDF meaning you can save it on your phone and do it anywhere.

Depending on the package you pick you’ll have Skype or phone check-ins at various intervals and an end of programme review where we look at progressing you. You’ll also get nutritional guidelines and on the £399 and £599 packages a completely bespoke nutritional plan with recipes.

On top of all that you get messenger support, private facebook membership (meaning you can train with us live once a week) and on the £399 and £599 packages Academy membership.

All for less than one PT session a week….

Not at all, if you have one, or access to equipment, great. If you don’t then we’ll make you a home based plan using what you have, or even just bodyweight.

That totally depends on you, the time you have available and your goals. We’d recommend you need at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week as a bare minimum to get results.

Not at all. We know time is precious, so are results, so we can focus on fast yet effective training. Of course if you do want a 2 hour lifting session, we can do that too… Its up to you 🙂

We’ll aim to be in touch within 24 hours of you paying. From the initial consult we’d expect to have your package ready within 72 hours – often a lot faster. We’ll start your 6 weeks from the delivery of your programme.

We’ll review and debrief and recommend what’s next. We’d love to progress you and keep you striving to your best with us on a new programme, if not we’ll recommend next steps for you.

Drop us  an email at and/or click the Get Started buttons and pay for the package you want. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to get you started.