We’re fortunate to have welcomed some of the world’s leading publications to our retreats. And thankfully they’ve loved it! Below is just a selection of our press accolades…..

  • The tight little team behind 38 ̊N are efficiently going about their business: helping people to get a whole lot fitter. There are, of course, other retreats that will push your limits…but none so integrated and bespoke as their new DNA Fitness programme….(and) you’’ll leave fully equipped to take your training to another level. Feb 2016

  • Travel: The holiday doctor will see you now

    The lifestyle retreat will launch DNA:Fitness Ibiza in April, offering fitness and nutrition regimes based on your genetic profile.  Feb 2015

  • Spa Guide

    Forget your one size fits all personal trainer. The teachers at 38ºN, housed in the hip, minimalist and eco-friendly Aguas de Ibiza hotel, are unique forces of nature, every one of them. March 2016

  • Top 10 activity holidays in Spain
    With funky company 38ºN, you stay at the five-star Aguas de Ibiza hotel and spend your time paddleboarding around the coast, doing Ashtanga yoga on the roof terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, hiking in the hills and kickboxing. Jan 2016

  • 38ºN takes care of it all for you. Imagine a morning of tantric hatha yoga, followed by a coastal walk, then a pilates class in the afternoon, with a guided meditation at twighlight. If a peaceful hour of upward dog and chakra cleansing isn’t your thing, then opt for the outdoor circuits training..kickboxing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and TRX training until your tan lines start to show. May 2015

  • Traveller’s Guide to Wellness Holidays

    38ºN launches Ibiza DNA:Fitness in April. It tests a client’s DNA before arrival so they get a bespoke programme to suit their fitness, injury risk, recovery potential and nutritional needs. Jan 2015

  • Escape

    After four days at 38ºN, I felt regenerated and picked up great training tips. As I made my way back to the airport I was buzzing with endorphins from all the exercise. My first holiday on the island and I’d experienced its hedonism, minus the hangover! 2014

  • Your workout needs to be challenging, but you need to enjoy it, says founder of 38ºN, which holds fitness retreats in Ibiza, that include one on one and group activities, such as Paddle Boarding, TRX and power ballet. I’ve now taken up the latter and haven’t yet lost motivation. Jan 2015

  • 38ºN hosts a roster of wholesome trips, sleep retreats, ‘yogalates’ breaks, hiking trails around the coastal paths and cycling tours up steep mountain roads. 2014