Beach Body Ready In 4 weeks

Claire invites you to join her as she gets Beach Body Ready for Ibiza in just 4 weeks

A Word From Claire…

“I’m facing a challenge right now that I know all of you will totally get – that you’ll relate to.

I’m not happy with my body. Which means I’m lacking in confidence.

After a wedding and honeymoon, I’ve overindulged rather a lot and skipped some training. I’m on a post-honeymoon high and happy, but not feeling fab about the way I look. And here’s what makes it even more scary to be honest….James and I head back to Ibiza in just four weeks and I want to be looking leaner, feeling sexier and empowered before the season begins.

So…FOUR weeks. To get my body in ship shape condition. Four weeks. To smash it.

Luckily, doing what I do for a living, I know what needs to be done. And how to do it. More than that, I’ve done it before, so I have knowledge, experience and confidence on my side.

I’ve pulled together a training and eating plan and I’ve got my head in the right place to get results.

Now here’s the BIG INVITE.

If you’ve ever felt as panicked as me to get your body beach ready in just a few weeks, you’ll know it’s accompanied by a feeling of overwhelm. Where do you even start? What training, what food, how much time will you need? Is it even possible?

Well here’s your chance to blow those beliefs and questions out of the water. I invite you to join me.

I’ve trained hundreds of clients, including celebrities, and will unveil the tricks of the trade that get us in shape fast, tackling what cardio to do to get maximum results, what food to avoid, what’s a must and portion sizes, as well as the time you’ll need every day. Plus I’ll be drawing on my skill sets as a corporate coach and NLP practitioner to show you mind altering motivational techniques that keep you on track.

Immediately the guess work will be gone. You can train with me, eat what I eat and ask me questions – all remotely so you can get access to me super fast wherever you are.

And just so you know….I won’t have you killing yourself in the gym for hours and eating a crazy restrictive diet. I DEFINITELY don’t live like that so I won’t have you doing it!

Think daily shopping lists, meal suggestions, workout plans, bonus cheat sheets and more – delivered to you via videos and email that you can download and use anytime, anywhere. You’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook group hosted by me, where you’ll get loads of support, your questions answered and inspirational nuggets that will help you to carry on when the going gets tough. Plus, you’ll get a one time 10% discount on any of our retreats for the next 12 months.

Join me and together we’ll get our mojo back.

£97 gives you a professional (but super real!) coach and access to a very small group of women who are doing it with us. Our four weeks together will be effective, results driven and fun. That’s what I promise you.

So if you’re ready to take it to the next level and want someone authentic guiding you through the highs and lows – get in touch. Entries will close at 6pm Monday 13th March with the programme starting on Monday 13th March! To register your interest email me at, or jump right in with the buy button below!