Ibiza’s Original 5* Luxury Fitness Holiday & Wellbeing Retreat

38ºN gives you the space and time to reset your body and mind.  You’ll leave us leaner, lighter and most importantly, confident about sustaining your new lifestyle.

38ºN were the first to bring the luxury fitness holiday and wellbeing retreat concept to the beautiful White Isle. Five years on, we’ve gone from strength to strength with numerous press and client accolades under our belt. Why? Because we take your goals and the results you get personally. And we understand the meaning of luxury – there’s not a room, bathroom share or tent in sight.

We are based in stunning hotels in Ibiza, Marbella and the UK. We understand that a first class experience is what sets us apart. We are determined to spread our holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing and profoundly alter how you not only look, but feel.

Healthy really does look different for everyone and it’s a incredibly individual journey. The way we work with you reflects this – taking into consideration the emotional and physical aspects that often effect motivation, commitment and results. It’s our extensive experience that sets us apart – as well as providing you with the perfect balance of space, time, coaching and support to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals.

You’ll leave us leaner, stronger and fitter, but most importantly, with a general sense of wellbeing and an understanding of how to sustain this lifestyle change.

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13apr - 17apr 135:00 pmapr 17THUR 13 APR - MON 17 APRRetreat:Ibiza Easter Fitness Special

22apr - 28apr 225:00 pmapr 28SAT 22 APR - 28 APRRetreat:Body:Fit Plus Ibiza

28apr - 1mayapr 285:00 pmmay 1- 12:00 pmFRI 28 APR - 01 MAYRetreat:Body:Reset Ibiza

29apr - 5mayapr 295:00 pmmay 5SAT 29 APR - 05 MAYRetreat:Body:Fit Ibiza

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38ºN was just what I needed. Paddle boarding, yoga and boxing were just some of the activities I enjoyed during my 5 day stay. The team at 38ºN are amazing – they really know their stuff and were very hospitable. My favourite part was being able to relax and have some downtime whilst having daily workouts. This isn’t always possible at home with a busy schedule so I like how the timetable caters for a little bit of everything. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to recharge, try varied activities and enjoy some yummy juices and food all whilst taking in the Ibiza rays.

Lucy Mecklenburgh, Model, Actress & Entrepreneur

The motto here at 38ºN is “Reset your co-ordinates”. And that’s exactly what happened. 6 days of intense yet brilliant and enjoyable exercise in a fantastic group environment. Everyone had a different level of fitness, yet we all stuck to our own pace and became fitter through supporting each other. The food is incredible, the team element is fun and, the timetable perfectly thought out with enough time to chill and get a tan too! Ibiza and health don’t normally go hand in hand, but this is the Ibiza I’ll be opting for from now on. James, Kelly and Faye are absolutely fantastic. Two (much fitter and lighter) thumbs up!!

Amanda Byram, Presenter & Former Model

38ºN is a brilliant way to kick start a new health and fitness lifestyle and a good kick in the pants for even an ardent gym bunny like me. The team are great fun and so enthusiastic about what they do, its infectious. I highly recommend it!

Melanie Sykes, Presenter, Model & Entrepreneur

This did everything I expected! I joined the Body:Reset programme in Ibiza…and it turned out to be just what I needed!
This was my first experience of a fitness retreat and my first visit to Ibiza. Well worth it – from learning about nutrition, to fitness and SUP and listening to what is good for my body. A very good mix of high intensity fitness, relaxation techniques and workshops that would help in all area’s of my life. Definitely worth the money and I feel revitalised and ready to continue when I came back home.
The best thing about this-I found the Trainer Claire really listened and helped me get the the most out of my experience here. Thank you Guys!

Pooja, Body:Reset Ibiza 2016

I really needed a week away after a few stressful weeks at home. Felt out of shape and in need of some focus. The 38ºN team totally nailed it for me. Beautiful location and a super team combined to make it one of the best weeks of my life.
Quite often fitness trainers are very cliched and obsessive but Rob was gentle but persuasive and very inspirational. I lost a kilo of body fat in five days!! Truly professional and a brilliant schedule of different activities which constantly kept it interesting. Recommend this 100%!

Sarah, Body:Fit Ibiza 2016

We went again, and we loved it again. In fact some bits were even better. Great training, great company. What more can be said.

Gary, Body:Fit Ibiza 2015